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Rolling the dice

Axis & Allies

OK, so I admit it. I love board games. Always have, always will. My love affair began back in the 70s with monopoly and cluedo, even hoppit! It quickly mushroomed in the 80s with Steve Jackson games such as Car Wars, Avalon Hill’s Squad Leader or Magic Realms. During this time I also began playing Dungeons & Dragons, which strictly speaking isn’t a board game, but involves lots of dice rolling and imagination. After a lull in the 90s, when I tried to persuade my girlfriend/fiancee/wife that I was normal, I renewed my passion in the 00s and 10s. The explosion of new interest in the hobby is amazing. There are so many fantastic companies/designers/artists working to produce some gorgeous, thrilling, fun-packed games. This truly is the golden era of board games. If you think you’re too old for silly, childish things do yourself a favour and treat yourself/your family to a new game this Christmas. Visit your local games store – there will be one, I guarantee, staffed by somebody who is passionate and knowledgeable – and have a browse. I dare you not to be impressed.

Recent purchases that we have loved include:

Hey, that’s my fish! by Fantasy Flight Games. Very quick, simple and fun with penguins.

Root by Leder Games. A clever assymetric game of animals fighting for control of a forest.

Runebound by Fantasy Flight Games. Dungeon & Dragons adventure on a beautiful board.

Evolution by North Star Games. A brilliant game about, well, evolution. So clever and fun.

Mission: Red Planet by Fantasy Flight Games. A steam-punk version of exploration and control on Mars.

P.S. It’s true I have been known to play against myself at times – the picture on the left is a recent outing of Axis & Allies, a fantastic recreation of the military and economic struggle in WWII.