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DaFi Pantomimes

When our local amateur dramatic society were struggling to choose a script for their next pantomime, my wife and I teamed up to deliver the goods. We didn’t want to produce a new version of a story that had been written hundreds of times already, so we came up with a plot involving nursery rhyme characters and named the show Ba Ba Land. We wanted to make sure the show had all our favourite pantomime elements, including a ghost, a chase scene and plenty of audience participation. Fiona had great fun with the brilliant rhyming couplets, leaning on her experience of writing rhyming picture books, leaving me to pen the puns. And we didn’t even fall out while writing it! The show’s first run had rave reviews, and made us want to do more!

Since then, we’ve also produced a pirate-based script called Peggy’s Pirate Panto, a mash-up of Treasure Island, Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan. And both scripts have now been published with Lazy Bee Scripts. If you are looking for a funny, modern take on a pantomime that’s family friendly and a plot that’s just a little bit different, why not visit the website to check out our scripts and current licensing fees?

Ba Ba Land

Based on nursery rhyme characters such as Bo Peep, Little Boy Blue and Old Mother Hubbard, the plot revolves around a competition to find a brand new rhyme for our time. Bo and Blue are desperate to win the competition and rekindle their love, but Blue has lost his mojo. And, of course, this is panto so there has to be a baddie. The Big Bad Wolf is keen to ruin everybody’s rhymes and win the competition for himself. Can Blue get his mojo back in time? Can Old Mother Hubbard find herself a man? When everything goes wrong can Bo rally the troops or will the Wolf get all the glory for himself?

Peggy’s Pirate Panto

Life in the dreary town of drizzle isn’t much fun for Peggy. She’d love to follow in her late mother’s pirating footsteps and find her lost treasure but an over-protective father won’t let her. She would run off with boyfriend Jim, but he’s too poor and frustrated by his mum’s reluctance to experiment with their pub’s menu. Can the lovers find the booty? Not if Captain Crook can get there first, but his incompetent sidekicks, Sneeze and Wheeze, aren’t exactly helping his plans. Featuring pirate school, Tinkle the fairy, a talking parrot, a ghost and a desperate dame, this is an exciting adventure for all the family.

The cast of Ba Ba Land for its world premiere!