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Who am I?

I love books. I love reading thrillers, sci-fi and military history. And I love reading children’s book to my daughter. I spent most of my career as an economist in the city. Then a few years ago, I thought of a story and it wouldn’t let go. So I plotted and researched and tinkered. By then the idea of writing a novel had sunk it claws in and there was no letting go.

Finally I started to write. I attended the Faber Academy Course in 2014. Then I re-wrote that awful first draft. And re-edited. My debut novel, Blue Gold, came out in May 2017 thanks to the wonderful Matthew Smith at Urbane Publications. Its two sequels, Rose Gold and White Gold, came out in 2018-19, forming the Gaia trilogy.

I joined The Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) in 2018 when my interests turned towards a younger audience and recently won the July 2020 Slush-pile challenge. See details here.

I appear on┬áBill Buckley’s monthly Radio Reads show, discussing and recommending books at 2pm on the first Tuesday of every month along with fellow local author Claire Dyer. You can hear the latest show by clicking on the Radio Reads tab above.

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What I care about

I care about the environment. I care about the future of this planet and trying to look after it for my daughter and, one day, for her children. I’ve spent my professional career trying to predict the future and I hope that I’m wrong about Blue Gold and W3. It’s a warning, as well as an exciting setting for a spy adventure.

I care about charities who help to provide fresh, clean water to the poorest people in this world, such as Water Aid. Wildlife charities get my support too.

I care about supporting local bookstores and libraries. I attend a monthly fantasy and sci-fi reading group at Waterstones Windsor and go to Vanguard readings and the Riff-Raff in South London to hear from authors and poets while enjoying a drink or two.

And I care about keeping fit, enjoying lots of sports, especially tennis, golf and surfing. Due to some early years’ brainwashing, I remain a keen fan of the Rams.