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Meet the characters part one: Pax

Pax was born in New London as 45B1, a product of the Artificial Birth Youth Service Scheme (or ABYSS for short). Now twelve, he has toiled at Workhouse Five for many years. On top of the verti-farms, he welcomes the peace and tries to imagine what life must be like beyond The Wall. Back at the workhouse, he enjoys recycling old bits of tech equipment, especially when surplus kit accidentally ends up in his pockets. A genius at coding and repairs, he builds many things from the pilfered spare parts. But all this is about to change when his boss, Hairy Hanson, takes a disliking to Pax and assigns him to the sewers. His only way out is to pass a near-impossible test and train to become an elite leader in Scholastic Parliament. Find out what happens next to him in Pax & The Missing Head, part one of the brand new London Falling series, published by Tiny Tree Children’s Books on October 19th.

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