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Publisher: Bloodhound Books

Sim Atkins, Overseas Division agent, returns to Earth, having saved the Moon base from a deadly terrorist plot (see Rose Gold). All Sim can think about is finding the criminals responsible.

But his fury and lust for revenge are put on hold when a nuclear warhead is stolen by Terra Former leader Matthias Larsson. Can Sim and his colleagues track down the terrorist cell and disarm the device in time?

White Gold is the gripping finale in the compellingly original Gaia Trilogy, page-turning thrillers that provoke as well as excite.

Glowing reviews for White Gold:

“this is definitely one that I would really like to see brought to life on the big screen. It’s an adrenaline packed, taut and clever plotted read that has the reader desperate to find out what happens next.” The Quite Knitter.

“Written with a brevity similar to more renowned page turners, Barker has delivered a succinct and satisfying conclusion to his thrilling trilogy with assuredness and poise.” Next to the Aisle.

“I highly recommend these books for those of you that like your thrillers on the intelligent side, with lots of action, and good female characters too. More please, Mr Barker!” Brown Floppsy.

“compelling reading, with a fast pace and twists… I enjoyed the banter between the characters… The plot was tense and tightly-written” Rosemarie Cawkwell.

“an intelligently and well-written thriller… It’s pacy, dramatic, with an action film vibe; the principal characters are engaging and their dialogue entertaining.” Books, Tea and Me.

“this novel couldn’t be more zeitgeisty… it is a thriller, pure and simple, but it does make you think. Barker just keeps the action coming… Entertain, he certainly does. 4/4” NB Magazine.

“White Gold is a compelling story and it is a hell of  a ride… a well-plotted book full of action and themes that make me think about how our earth will be in the upcoming years” In de boeken kast.

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