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24 out of 30 for this story about a woman seeking a career in 60s sitcoms
Slow Horses
Miss You
The Power
Tin Man
Let Me Lie
Eleanor Oliphant

Radio Reads with Bill Buckley on Radio Berkshire

On the first Tuesday of every month at 2pm Bill Buckley hosts Radio Reads. Bill plus two panellists review last month’s book choice and they each give it a mark out of 10 (for a total out of 30). I joined the panel in 2017 alongside the lovely author and poet Claire Dyer. After that discussion the panellists offer 1-2 books as their recommendation for next month. After a conflab during a song, the winning book gets announced. Berkshire libraries join in, adding extra copies of the chosen book so people can read the same book and decide whether they agree with our reviews.

On my first show (2nd May 2017), we reviewed Nick Hornby’s Funny Girl and gave it 24 out of 30.

On 6th June 2017, we reviewed Slow Horses by Mick Herron and it got a mixed reception, but with a total of 22 out of 30.

On 4th July 2017, we reviewed The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry and all loved it, with a total of 25 out of 30.

On 1st August 2017, we reviewed Miss You by Kate Eberlen, with a total of 23 out of 30.

On 5th September 2017, we reviewed Good Me Bad Me by Ali Land, with a total of 24.5 out of 30.

On 3rd October 2017, we reviewed The Power by Naomi Alderman. It was a provocative read, but didn’t quite hit the spot for us, and it got a total of 17 out 30.

On 7th November 2017, we reviewed Dr Jekyll and Mr Seek by Anthony O’Neill. It was an atmospheric tale of identify theft that dovetailed nicely with the original Dr Jekyll. We gave it 22.5 out of 30.

On 5th December 2017, we reviewed The Reader on the 6:27 by Jean-Paul Didierlaurent. It was a charming story of romance and Gallic quirkiness. We gave it 23 out of 30.

On 2nd January 2018 we reviewed Tin Man by Sarah Winman. Two of us loved it, and one was indifferent. It scored 24 out of 30.

On 6th February 2018 we gave Bill Beverly‘s debut novel, Dodgers 25.5 out of 30. That makes it our highest mark to date.

On 6th March 2018 we reviewed Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. We admired the writing greatly, but for one of us, the genre (fantasy) was not quite right. It still got 24 out of 30!

On 3rd April we reviewed Let me Lie by Claire Mackintosh. We enjoyed the twists and the depiction of love and gave it 25 out of 30.

On 1st May we reviewed Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman. We loved the humour and the voice and applauded the message of hope and kindness. It got 26.5 out of 30, a new record!

On 5th June we reviewed Dear Mrs Bird by AJ Pearce. We loved the heroine’s plucky voice, the depiction of the blitz and the plot, though there were some mis-givings about the eponymous Mrs Bird. It got 24 out of 30.

On 3rd July we will be reviewing The Missing Girl by Jenny Quintana.

You can listen to the Radio Reads section of Bill’s show by clicking on the title above and normally fast forward to just after the 1 hour mark. Enjoy!